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Beautiful Midwest Camp

Posted By: FamilyOwnedCamp

Beautiful Midwest Camp - 07/24/19 04:55 PM

-We are in the Midwest US, within two hours' drive of airports in Chicago and Madison.
-The property is over 125 acres, and includes a 1200-square-foot house on the property.
-The camp can accommodate 200, and has a 5-acre lake suitable for canoeing, paddle boarding and lake play, and a pool, which has been recently renovated.
-The infrastructure is in good condition, including a relatively new, over-sized septic system.
-It has been and continues to be a fully-operating summer camp. There are not really any competing camps in the area.
-The last property-only appraisal was 12 years ago at $1.4 million; annual revenue has increased about 60-70% since then.
-Estimated total revenue for 2019 is about $375,000 (with potential to grow towards $1 million within 5 years). In selling the camp, we would be selling the property and business, including camper registrations.
-There is currently about $125-$150,000 annual earnings on income.
-Annual real estate taxes are less than $16,000.
-All county, state, and federal permits and certifications are current.
-There is no pending litigation against the camp.
-We are looking to sell because I'm not getting any younger!
-Our website info, including photos of the camp/grounds is available, subject to receiving a signed NDA.
-The ideal timeline to sell is within 1-3 years (could do 3-5 potentially if necessary).

E-mail if interested.
Posted By: KPScarlett

Re: Beautiful Midwest Camp - 05/20/20 05:46 PM

Are you still actively looking for a buyer? Thank you!
Posted By: FamilyOwnedCamp

Re: Beautiful Midwest Camp - 06/10/20 12:15 PM

You can feel free to email if interested. Thanks!
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