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Looking for Camp Property - MD/PA Region

Posted By: tma-crncll

Looking for Camp Property - MD/PA Region - 08/22/19 12:17 AM

I'm looking to purchase a former camp property in the Maryland or Pennsylvania region. Previously existing infrastructure is important. Terms of such are flexible, but looking for something with upkept roads, running water, sewage, etc. Again, flexible on those terms, but properties with infrastructure preferred. Other amenities that would be helpful but not mandatory include - cabins, accessible bathrooms, pre-existing structures (mess hall, barn, anything!), swimming access (pool, lake, river, etc.). Please provide regional information, i.e. road access to the property, proximity to metropolitan areas, and nearest township - I can research myself, but point me in the right direction!

Any potential sellers, please provide contact information in your response. Thank you so much!
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