I am looking to start my own Christian Based camp/retreat facility. My long term dream would be to operate a summer camp for kids during the summer and have use the facilities during the off season for rental. I need two things to make this happen:

1) I need a property, already developed that is fairly turn-key. I need to hit the ground running and able to provide revenue fairly quickly. If it's a smaller property, then room to grown and expand in the future would be good. A property that is already producing revenue would be ideal.

2) I would love a partner who share my dream and ideas in ministry to join me in this endeavor. I have never owned a property like this before. I have done full-time church staff ministry for the past decade and then 4 years of summer camp ministry prior to that. I have a B.S. Business Administrator and Masters of Divinity. Someone who is knowledgeable with facilities management and has those skills would be helpful.

Email me at: arbitro88@gmail.com if you are interested in talking more. My name is Rev. Patrick Streeter.