Hi all! We're currently searching for a camp/retreat, we're open to almost any location as long as it's within a reasonable distance to grocery/medical facilities etc. We're hoping to find a place with a minimum of 100 acres but the more land the better!

We're a group of Veterans who are starting a community for our Veterans and their families to live/visit depending on their circumstances and needs. We're open to all places in almost any condition as we're fine with putting the work in! As long as it has at least 100+acres, is not too far from standard amenities and doesn't have restrictions limiting us from having farm animals, gardens and the potential to build additional outbuildings and cabins/homes etc.

If you have a place for sale or know of a place we'd sincerely appreciate your letting us know! We're hoping to find a location as soon as possible but no later than summer 2020.

Thank you so much for your time and help! Have a wonderful day!

To contact us about a property please email us at ZeroSierraFarm@gmail.com. Thank you!!